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White Diamond Video, we are team of Long Island Wedding Videographers making high-end wedding films for the Long Island area.

We take pride in delivering personalized, high-end and professional wedding videos to our loving couples, which is why each one of our long island wedding videographer packages and videos are edited exclusively by the owner, Stefan. Using his signature style, he endlessly ties together your day into a fun, engaging, and emotional experience for you & your family to enjoy for generations to come.

In creating your wedding video, Stefan and team are building an emotional connection with you by using cinematic images that enhance your story, providing an entertaining and captivating experience for you to enjoy. We find the most expressive images while always remaining respectful of your space ... we are experts at being unobtrusive! By filming with a blend of documentary and cinematic styles, we are able to deliver you a stunning video that not only documents your day, but tells your love story too! Stefan's team of Long Island Wedding Videographers have the passion and skill set desired to create your wedding film!

Danielle + Joseph
@Land's End • Long Island New York
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Gabby + Zach
@Castle Hill • Rhode Island - Instagram Teaser Video
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Best of Long Island Wedding Videographers 2024 from TheKnot Magazine awarded to our team of wedding cinematographers, White Diamond Video - amazing!

We are pleased to announce that White Diamond Video been inducted into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame from The Knot in the category of Long Island Wedding Videographers. Exceptional wedding professionals who have earned four or more of The Knot Best of Weddings awards are inducted into the prestigious The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame. This is our 4th year in the Knot Hall of Fame!

As wedding videographers, we are always looking to capture the best eye-catching and romantic moments that showcase happines and adoration. We love to create FUN videos and couples have spoken, selecting us for The Knot Magazine Best of Weddings annual list of the best and most-rated vendors, again. We are honored and look forward to another exciting year of creating a visual story with our cinema cameras.

We film in a blend of documentary and cinematic styles, finding the most expressive images while always remaining respectful of the intense personal and sacred nature of the ceremonies that we are witnessing. We are experts at being unobtrusive while we document the most important details of your special day. You will not find yourself or your guests distracted by our camera work, and the resulting wedding video will depict an authentic insight into your most meaningful moments. Sometimes just a few images can tell the deepest story: A mother reaches out to adjust the edge of her daughter’s wedding veil, a father reaches out to shake his son’s hand. Our Long Island Wedding Videographers films your day from the moment the makeup artist arrives to the very last dance with your new spouse along with your friends and family cheering you on.

When creating your wedding video, we are not just making visual content; we build an emotional connection. The higher the quality of the video, the deeper the connection.

Having local roots in Long Island and being part of this community is important to us. We know the area and bring to our work a deep respect for your traditions, and in our wedding videography your video will see reverence as well as tenderness, and the beauty beyond words of your ceremony. Our Long Island Wedding Videographer packages offer everything from bride and groom preparation to the after party, and everything in-between! We consult with you to learn which music resonates with you, so that when we create the studio-mastered disc it will have unique meaning for you. Our responses to music are long lasting, expressing parts of ourselves that perhaps nobody sees, and we introduce these elements to eachother in your wedding video. Far into the future, the combination of your chosen music and the precious images will transport you back in time to this one fleeting day of celebrations. Opinion: Why have two wedding cinematographers.

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Where Can I Find a Local, Professional Long Island Wedding Videographer?

In Levittown NY 11756, of course! At White Diamond Video, we put our whole heart and focus into your wedding video. We are committed to creating a film of the highest quality, that will be all that you hoped for, and more. We offer a variety of wedding packages, so that you can choose the combination of options that exactly suits your needs. We film in full HD 1080P which means we can provide your wedding video in full HD on USB, Blu-Ray™ and we have 4K filming options as well, please inquire!
White Diamond's Long Island Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers bring an artistic eye and cinematic touch with years of filming experience to each occasion. Our cinematography is expert at expressing your deep family roots through carefully chosen images, and edtiting. You can be assured that you’ll be delighted with our work. Our wedding video packages offer a range of prices and options, and we look forward to hearing from you about your wedding details.

Contact the team at White Diamond Video today at (631) 662-5960 to check your date availabilty with your Long Island NY wedding videographer.

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Easy! We get along with everyone!

We trend close to 3-4 months for most videos, however it could be longer depending on time of year and scheudle. 3-4 months is quicker than industry standard of 12 months.

Contact the team at White Diamond Video today at (631) 662-5960 to check your date availabilty with your Long Island NY wedding videographer.

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